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The Possibilities Are Unlimited

If you are already here - you are on the right way to success

We strive for your success.

We create a unique atmosphere of cooperation, mutual support and sincere interest in each other's success.

Ready to show you your way to success. Paladium business-school is an institution that works according to the international standards of business education.

Our Great Features:

We are sure that efficiency and competitiveness in the modern world depend on the ability to innovate.

School lecturers regularly control the changes in the business sphere in order to stay always abreast of new trends.

Trainings, conferences, lectures, probations and lots of other projects is all what Paladium has created for you.

During the existence of the Paladium, a lot of companies and starters have become our customers.

Investment course, Marketing course, Management course, Business consulting group, Business institute of research

Creating all the necessary conditions for your development. Our mission is creating value for individuals, companies and society.

Compare. Choose. Save

We’ll keep you away from strategic mistakes.

Meet Our Team

Leading Coach

The head of the company. Teaches disciplines: ‘Operations research’, ‘Theory of administeriang decision-making’, ‘Systems and methods for decision making’, ‘Data analysis’, "Risk-management", ‘Quantitative methods in business’.

Mentor of Course

The first subprincipal. A mentor of the Investment course. Teaches disciplines: ‘Financial management’, ‘Investment management’.

Mentor of Course

A mentor of the Marketing course. Teaches disciplines: ‘Media-lobbying and business communications with the media’, ‘Corporate governance’, ‘Corporate social responsibility’, ‘Knowledge management’.

President of Institute

President of Paladium business institute of researches. Teaches disciplines: ‘Innovation and leadership’, ‘Product development’, ‘Creativity and innovation culture’.


56 enthusiasts began a probation

56 participants of Paladium probation program will spend 3 months working at 24 famous companies and corporations, which are situated in 21 countries of the world. Wish them good luck!

Fall business-school

This year fall Paladium business-school will join ambitious, purposeful people in New York. You can spend your time profitably with us from 26th October till 7th November. It's not late to register yet.

Our new home

Since September 3 we have been waiting for our Ukrainian guests. Our new office was opened in Kyiv. We will be happy to meet you and to propose our help to you. Don't be afraid to begin a new happy life. Welcome!

+1 step on the career ladder

The 20th course of the up-grade program has just finished and 87 participants from 49 countries are now ready to move more masterfully on the career ladder.

Online course

New Paladium online-course is now accessible for all. If you don't have an opportunity to join our events, Paladium online-program is a good opportunity for you. Watch video lessons, photograph useful information and evolve yourself together with us.

Contact Info


8901 Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR.